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Coronation Street’s James Burrows reveals: ‘I’d love to see Ali find romance at Christmas’

Ali Coronation Street, played by James Burrows
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Could there be love in the Weatherfield air?

Coronation Street star James Burrows has revealed that after a turbulent few weeks on the cobbles, he would love to see his character find love by the end of the year.

After getting caught up in Cormack’s messy death thanks to his ‘brother’ Ryan, Ali first found himself out of a job, and after this week’s huge ‘stunt week’ on Corrie, he has also now got blood on his hands after his role in Ronan’s death.

So could a happy Christmas be on the cards after all this turmoil? We caught up with James to find out what the future holds for Ali Neeson…

“I haven't got the scripts for Christmas yet, so I don't know what they’ve got in store for me. I would like some lightness and normality after these emotional few months, maybe some romance - that would be nice.

“I could see Ali settling down… maybe he could find love with Alya. She would be good for him!”

But it looks like James might have a wait on his hands before Ali gets his happy ever after…

“We’re about to see a new side to Ali,” reveals the actor. “He’ll go on an emotional rollercoaster after what happened with Ronan and he’s going to get angry.”

This new side to Ali is so different to the kind-hearted GP that we’ve come to know and love that James says it might shock some fans…

“When we first introduced Ali he was a bit moody and square, and so it’s great for me to explore this darker side to him.

“I love playing a horrible character. I really enjoy it for some reason! But when you’re doing emotional scenes and you’ve been crying for 12 hours at work, it’s hard to get yourself out of that mindset and I tend to leave work in a depressed state.”

But fear not, James has the perfect way to unwind… extreme sports, of course! “I have to go and do something fun to switch off, I like adventure sports like surfing and wake boarding. If I ever get time off I like to go to Cornwall and go surfing.”

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.