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Coronation Street's Sally Anne Matthews reveals why Jenny's life will 'unravel' on Christmas Day

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Christmas Day is going to be far from happy in the Rovers...

Coronation Street's Sally Anne Matthews, who is better known as Weatherfield's troubled Jenny Connor, has revealed what Christmas on the cobbles has in store for her character... and, just to warn you, there isn't a lot of festive cheer!

We caught up with the actress to find out what twists and turns we can expect as Jenny struggles to cope with Johnny and Liz's connection...

Jenny Connor, Johnny Connor, Liz McDonald, Coronation Street

Jenny's been following Liz and Johnny's every move for weeks

Does Jenny regret letting Liz keep her job behind the bar at the Rovers? 

"Jenny was the bigger woman and said if you don’t turn up for your shift I’ll take that as your resignation, and didn’t think Liz would have the brass neck to rock up – and she did. Unfortunately Jenny had laid down that gauntlet, so she had to stick with it. She would’ve been fine if she didn’t have to be confronted with their affair on a daily basis, but now they're working together and Jenny hates it."

Does she have any regrets about using the tracking device?

"It has made Jenny more paranoid. Every time Johnny's going out it just so happens Liz is going out too, but Jenny’s putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 93! There are a few occasions coming up where Liz and Johnny are both lying to her, she doesn’t know what the truth is and Jenny beats herself up more. She starts drinking because it’s on tap, she’s the landlady! She's self-medicating to cope. "

Coronation Street spoilers: Gemma Winter thinks Johnny is abusing Jenny!

Gemma thinks Johnny is abusing Jenny...

Has Johnny noticed that she is starting to drink too much? 

Some of the regulars do, its introduced quite gradually, glass of wine behind the bar. When something happens to spark her paranoia she reaches for a shot. But Johnny doesn't notice, he's a fella! He took her at her word she was fine about Liz and she's trying not to discuss it. She said she’d moved on and is desperately trying to – its just not as easy as she’d anticipated." 

Why does Gemma think Johnny is hurting Jenny?

"Jenny gets a black eye after drinking about 3 bottles of wine, she's legless and literally walks into a door and hurts herself. Then they have a fight about Liz and Johnny storms upstairs because she's drunk. She screams after him ‘don’t you walk away’ because he’s not giving her the attention and security she wants. She then loses her balance and ends up at the bottom of the stairs and breaks a rib. Gemma sees they’ve been shouting and gets the wrong idea."

grabbing a bottle of wine, Jenny storms out.

Jenny turns to drink

What are things like between Jenny and Johnny by Christmas? 

By Christmas Day they're not in a good place. Jenny has been either drunk or hungover for about three weeks, and she has a black eye and broken ribs. On Christmas morning they agree to reconcile and it's all going to be marvellous. Until other people stick their oar in – Gemma accuses Johnny of beating Jenny, news of the tracking device comes out, and there's so much other stuff - Jenny’s day starts with it looking like they’d got it together, but then it just all unravels."

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