Dancing On Ice star Max Evans' partner rushed to hospital after scary accident in rehearsals

Dancing On Ice 2018
Max Evans and Ale Izquierdo on Dancing On Ice, 27 January 2018 (Image credit: ITV/PA)

The duo's performance on Sunday night is in doubt...

Dancing On Ice star Max Evans’ performance on Sunday night’s show has been thrown into doubt after his partner was taken to hospital following a fall in rehearsals.

The rugby star and pro skater Ale Izquierdo stumbled while they were practising a lift on Saturday ahead of the live programme which resulted in Ale banging her head on the ice.

She was rushed to hospital after the accident, an ITV spokesman has said, and is now recovering at home having been told to rest for 24 hours.

Dramatic photos released of the incident show Ale lying flat on her back on the ground whilst a worried-looking Max stands beside her holding his hand to his head.

Max, 34, has since opened up about what happened on Twitter and admitted that the fall has left him feeling ‘terrible’.

‘Very scary incident today!’ the sportsman tweeted on Saturday. ‘@ALEIZK banged her head hard on the ice! She was taken to hospital & has since been given the all clear by medics.

‘We will see how she is in the morning & update you then. Feel terrible my partner's been injured :('

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He later shed further light on how the accident had occurred, writing: ‘Her feet touched the ground and I let go of her and then she slipped backwards!

‘Thinking she was safe by her feet touching the ice, I let go too early and that's my mistake! Wish I'd held on a moment longer!’

Fans have been sending supportive messages to Max following the incident.

‘Please don't blame yourself!! Hope you're both okay,’ one Twitter user commented, whilst another said: ‘Accidents happen but as long as you & Ale are ok is the main priority here’

According to Metro.co.uk the couple are ‘expected’ to perform on Sunday but it’s ‘touch and go’ depending on Ale’s recovery.

Let’s hope that Max and Ale - who were in the middle of the Dancing On Ice leaderboard on last week’s show with a score of 19 for their performance - get back on the ice soon.