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DANGER for Coronation Street favourite as they’re caught up in sickening scam

There's danger heading for an unsuspecting Alex Warner in tonight's Coronation Street...

Tonight's Coronation Street will see a horror twist when an unsuspecting Alex Warner finds himself caught up in the drama between Gary Windass and dodgy loan shark Rick Neelan.

Coronation Street fans will know that Gary has found himself in serious trouble with Rick after he took out a loan to cover his mounting debts, but has failed to pay it all back.

Gary thought he would be able to cover what he owed Rick when he accepted the bribery money from Peter Barlow to keep quiet about Carla knowing the factory roof was dodgy before it collapsed, but it wasn't enough and Gary's still in debt.

Coronation Street

Gary is out of his depth with loan shark Rick...

Tonight's Coronation Street sees Gary's troubles continue as he is driven to an assisted living complex by Rick and told he must con old people into taking out high interest loans.

Gary is sickened by the thought of fleecing vulnerable people, but as Rick watches on, he doesn't have a lot of choice as he starts knocking on doors.

But just when Gary thinks his problems can't get any worse tonight, he is horrified when Rick's sinister game playing starts to get a bit close to home.

Gary Windass Coronation Street

Gary is forced to do Rick’s dirty work tonight...

Back on the cobbles Gary is helpless as Rick approaches vulnerable Alex and effortlessly charms him into taking out one of his dodgy loans.

Before Gary can do anything to stop Alex, he is handing over his passport and PIN number to Rick, landing himself in more trouble than he will ever realise.

When Rick's back is turned Gary tries to warn Alex that the loan shark isn't someone you want to go into business with, but his words fall on deaf ears.

Gary Windass Sarah Platt Coronation Street

Can Gary turn things around before it's too late?

When Rick realises later tonight that Gary has been trying to talk Alex out of taking the loan, he is fuming and warns Gary that if he plays a trick like that again, Sarah and Harry will be the ones to suffer.

By the end of tonight's episode Gary hits rock bottom and after everyone has gone to bed, he is left sobbing at the kitchen table over the mess he has got himself into.

Will Gary be able to turn things around before he loses everything?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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