'Death in Paradise': Neville makes surprising dating move to forget Florence

Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker in Death In Paradise, walking along a Caribbean beach with the water up to his ankles. He's wearing a blue jacket, a checked shirt of a lighter blue, a green tie, and sand-coloured chinos rolled up to the knee. Behind him are several houses; beyond them are mountains covered in trees
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The Death in Paradise season 11 finale — which airs next week — will see DI Neville Parker look to go dating again as he tries to move on from Florence.

The path of true love has not run smoothly so far for poor Neville. Fans were left on the edge of their seats at the end of season 10 as Neville (Ralf Little) decided to finally tell DS Florence Cassell (Joséphine Jobert) that he had feelings for her, but it was revealed during the Christmas special that his declaration of love was interrupted by a nosebleed after Florence's attempt to bat a mosquito away from his face went horribly wrong!

Neville later attempted to open his heart to Florence via video call while she was spending Christmas with her family, only for the call to freeze during his big confession. What he didn't know, however, was that Florence had heard everything he said, but had been unable to respond.

Eventually the pair did manage to discuss their relationship, with Florence admitting that she didn't feel the same way about him — and despite some initial awkwardness working around each other, they got over it after agreeing that their friendship was too important to both of them to let anything else get in the way. Sadly, however, Florence left Saint Marie in the fourth episode of season 11 to begin a new life elsewhere, when the aftermath of a dangerous undercover operation made it impossible for her to stay on the island.

DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) sits outside his beach hut with his phone in his hand, awkwardly attempting to take a selfie

Neville (Ralf Little) decides to move on and set up a dating profile (Image credit: BBC)

Since Florence's departure Neville has been too preoccupied by his visiting sister Izzy (Kate O'Flynn) to think about matters of the heart, but in this year's finale, Neville resolves it's finally time to take his romantic future into his own hands by signing up for a dating website.

His colleagues DS Naomi Thomas (Shantol Jackson) and Darlene Curtis (Ginny Holder) are delighted to see the inspector moving on, but both are alarmed when they see the unflattering selfie he's taken to use on his profile! Neville is also left dispirited when he browses the website and sees the hunks he's in competition with.

All is not lost, however, as kind-hearted Naomi offers to help Neville by editing his picture and profile for him. Will her new, improved version of her boss's profile succeed in getting him back in the dating game?

  • The Death In Paradise season 11 finale airs on Friday Feb. 25 at 9pm on BBC1. UK viewers can catch up with the series so far on BBC iPlayer.
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