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DEATH on the cards in tonight's EastEnders after shock FREAK accident?

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Tonight's EastEnders sees a terrifying accident leave Leo King's life in danger...

Just when it seems Leo King couldn't cause any more trouble in EastEnders, things step up a gear tonight when his obsession with Whitney Dean leaves him in grave danger.

The drama starts as Leo makes a nuisance of himself yet again at the market today, and when he spots Kat Slater he starts to hurl abuse towards her in front of everyone.

Leo King hurls abuse at Kat Moon in EastEnders

Leo lays into Kat on the market tonight (Picture: BBC)

But as EastEnders fans know, Kat isn't one to let things lie, and she is soon giving as good as she gets and exploding at Leo for almost getting her attacked in her own home last week.

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As usual Leo has a snide remark for Kat which causes her to see red and start ripping his stall apart.

But as Kush and Martin take Kat to The Vic to cool down, they are quick to reassure Whitney that all will be okay, just as Leo arrives and causes yet more trouble.

Kush arrives during a scuffle EastEnders

Kush causes Leo to fall from the balcony as he's trying to protect Whitney (Picture: BBC)

But this time it seems things are finally going Whitney's way because the police soon arrive and Leo is stunned when they take him down to the station for questioning.

Everyone is thrilled that Leo has finally got his comeuppance, convinced the police will work out he has been stalking Whitney and they can finally be shot of him on the market.

Heading to the Prince Albert to celebrate, everyone is in a good mood that their ordeal with Leo is over... but just as Whitney starts to relax and finally let her hair down, Leo turns up again, having been released by the police.

Whitney Dean, Kat Moon and Martin Fowler are in shock in EastEnders

Tomorrow's episode sees Whitney, Kat and Martin watch the paramedics arrive (Picture: BBC)

Whitney is terrified when an aggressive Leo corners her on the balcony and things soon get out of hand between the pair of them... causing Kush to see and step in.

But being Whitney's knight in shining armour might become Kush's biggest regret when he has a scuffle with Leo and accidentally ends up shoving him over the edge of the balcony.

As Leo plunges to the ground below, all Whitney and Kush can do is watch in horror... but will Leo be okay? Or will Kush have his death on his conscience from now on?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.