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Disney Plus now has 86.6 million total subscribers

Disney Plus
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The Walt Disney Co. closed out its fiscal year in November, and with it announced that Disney Plus had some 73.7 million subscribers. That was then — and before Latin America came on board — and this is now, and Disney+ now has more than 86.6 million subscribers.

The latest numbers came to us from the Disney Investor Day event.

Disney+ has grown by leaps and bounds since its launch in November 2019. In addition to all the legacy Disney content you know and love, Disney+ also is the home for all things Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel and National Geographic. In its first quarterly earnings call after Disney+ launched, it had skyrocketed to 28.6 million subscriber. That number nearly doubled to 54.5 million three months later, and 73.7 million after that.

The major increases came not just because the service grew in popularity due to new content, but also as more countries were coming online. More recently, Disney reorganized its entire corporate structure to separate content from distribution.