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DOUBLE TRAGEDY in Coronation Street as TWO families find their lives torn apart

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

Things go from bad to worse for Daniel Osbourne in next week's Coronation Street...

There's double heartache heading for Coronation Street next week when two families find their world turned upside down... all thanks to Daniel Osbourne.

The week gets off to a horrendous start for single dad Daniel when he finds baby Bertie barely conscious in his cot.

Daniel Osbourne in Coronation Street

Daniel is horrified when he finds baby Bertie is ill next week (Picture: ITV)

After racing to call an ambulance, Daniel is mortified when the paramedics point out his son has a rash and he blames himself for not calling for help earlier.

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At the hospital, Daniel is stunned when the doctors tell him that Bertie has measles and that the next 24 hours are critical as his son fights the virus.

Daniel is beside himself as he realises this has happened because he didn't take Bertie back to the doctors for his second round of vaccinations, and confesses to Peter and Beth that Bertie's condition is all down to him.

Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne hits rock bottom?

Daniel is horrified to discover Bertie's got measles after he didn't take him for his vaccinations (Picture: ITV)

As Bertie fights for his life, Daniel's family rally round, but he screams at them to leave him alone, punishing himself for the fact Bertie is in hospital because of him.

But one person he does let in is Bethany, and as she tries to comfort her friend he is grateful for a shoulder to cry on.

However, just when Daniel thought that his week couldn't get any worse, things are about to take a devastating turn when pregnant Maria also falls ill with measles.

Coronation Street spoilers: Maria Connor suffers a miscarriage

Maria's worst feels are realised at the hospital (Picture: ITV)

When Maria realises that she is bleeding, she confesses to Ali that something isn't right and he races her to the hospital for a scan.

Once there, Maria's worst fears are confirmed when the doctors tell her that she has suffered a miscarriage, and her world starts to fall apart as memories of losing her baby 11 years ago come flooding back.

But as the doctors ask for Maria's symptoms, Ali realises that she has contracted measles and reveals it is likely that could be the cause of her losing the baby.

Heartbroken Maria is baffled by the measles diagnosis and a call to her mum confirms that neither she or Kirk were vaccinated as children.

Coronation Street spoilers: Gary Windass attacks Daniel?

Daniel feels terrible in Coronation Street as Gary blames him for his and Maria's loss (Picture: ITV)

However, it is only when she talks to Audrey about what has happened that Audrey points out that Bertie is in hospital with measles and the penny drops as Maria works out where she caught the virus from.

Maria breaks the devastating news that she has lost the baby to Gary, and he's heartbroken as she blames herself doe what has happened.

But once the news that Daniel's failure to vaccinate Bertie is inadvertently to blame for Maria's miscarriage, Gary is on the warpath and heads round to vent his anger.

How will Daniel cope with the fact he has accidentally caused so much devastation?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.