Downton Abbey: A New Era stars hit the red carpet for world premiere

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Downton Abbey fans have been waiting for Downton Abbey: A New Era for a while, but it is finally here (at least for UK audiences). With the movie releasing on April 29 in the UK and many international markets (US fans will have to wait until May 20), the stars of the movie came out for the world premiere in London on Monday, April 25.

Having gotten to know many of these characters throughout the original Downton Abbey series' six seasons and then the 2019 movie, Downton Abbey: A New Era is one of the most anticipated 2022 new movies. So many of the fan favorite characters are back — Michelle Dockery's Lady Mary, Hugh Bonneville's Robert Crawley and Maggie Smith's Dowager Countess, to name a few — plus some new faces, including Hugh Dancy and Dominic West.

The plot of Downton Abbey: A New Era promises a big event picture, as part of the movie will deal with Downton being chosen as the location for a new movie and then the reveal that the Dowager Countess had a past relationship that has resulted in her coming into possession of a villa in the southern France. 

You'll have to see the movie to see how everything plays out, but you can see how the stars that came out for the Downton Abbey: A New Era world premiere with the gallery below. We've also pulled some quotes from the movie's cast from the official Facebook livestream of the premiere.

Here are some quotes from the world premiere:

What's the movie like:
"[The movie is] going to hug you like a warm, warm blanket and you're going to have a really wonderful time." — Dame Penelope Wilton

 "I think it’s the best it’s ever looked. I actually just think it’s one of the best outings for Downton that there’s ever been. It’s such a joy." — Laura Carmichael 

"You have two hours of pure entertainment. You have some laughs, you have some lump in the throat moments. And if you’ve watched the show then you’re going to see some of your favorite characters go on some fantastic adventures. And if you don’t know the show you’re going to have a good time anyway." — Hugh Bonneville

Why fans should see Downton Abbey: A New Era in theaters:
"You cannot replace seeing a film like this on the big screen. You can see it on a small screen, but … it completely enfolds you and transports you. And also, you’ve got to see it with other people sitting next to you. … That’s terribly important. That’s the basis of all drama." — Douglas Reith

On the movie's new French location:
"Mr. Carson dreads going to the South of France. He’s not a good traveler, he’s not fond of the French eating habits or the weather. Jim Carter was absolutely thrilled. I mean, French food and French sunshine suits me down to the ground." — Jim Carter

 "I was very envious and I was being sent lots of pictures, which I’d asked for of course."  — Michelle Dockery

"Speaking for myself, because just arriving, I would have been pretty gutted if they’d said I wasn’t filming in Downton." — Hugh Dancy 

"It was so much fun to see the characters go, put them into a different environment. It’s an environment that’s softer, sexier, looser and they each respond in their own idiosyncratic way and it’s a lot of fun to see and it really moves the story along." — Elizabeth McGovern

Characters' roles in the new movie:
"Change is sort of upon them all. It’s partly why the film is called A New Era. There are shifts happening and it’s interesting to sort of seeing those characters adapt to those changes." — Michelle Dockery

"He [Mr. Molesley] very enthusiastic about movies, about cinema. I think he may have taken Miss Baxter to the cinema at some point … He just loves the idea of them being there in that beautiful setting and he wants to sort of be involved as much as he can. He becomes more involved than he expected to, let’s put it that way." — Kevin Doyle

Will there be another Downton Abbey movie?
"Yep, just tell me where and when." — Elizabeth McGovern

"The truth is, I’ve said goodbye to these people so often and then two years later I’m back at my desk. So I now no longer risk saying goodbye. If the audience wants them and if the actors want to play them, you know." — Julian Fellowes

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