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Drama on tonight’s Coronation Street as chilling warning throws someone's life into jeopardy

There's terrifying drama in tonight's Coronation Street as Robert Preston delivers Carla Connor a chilling threat...

Tonight's Coronation Street sees the start of Robert Preston's vendetta against Carla Connor when he starts to blame her for his problems with Michelle Connor.

Coronation Street fans saw Robert and Michelle's relationship start to fall apart in Monday night's episodes after drama with Michelle lead to her realising that she can't face having another baby.

Robert has been desperate to be a dad for years, but just when he thought his dreams had come true earlier this week when Michelle revealed she thought she could be pregnant, everything came crashing down after she was rushed to the doctors after being hit in the stomach with a football.

Coronation Street spoilers:Michelle Connor discovers she isn’t pregnant

Monday night's Coronation Street saw Michelle rushed to the doctors...

Michelle was worried about her new pregnancy... but after doing a test, the doctors revealed that she wasn't actually pregnant in the first place.

But instead of being upset about the fact she wasn't having a baby, Michelle was slightly relieved and realised that she wasn't in the right place to have another child after losing with her late son Ruairi.

But Robert didn't take the news that Michelle had changed her mind about having a baby well, and the pair had an almighty row that ended with Michelle walking out.

Coronation Street spoilers: Robert Preston tells Carla to watch her back!

Tonight's Coronation Street sees Robert confront Carla...

As the drama continues tonight, Michelle and Robert aren't in a good place, and Robert clearly thinks that Carla has got something to do with the fact he and Michelle are rowing.

Convinced that Carla is his new enemy, a broken Robert takes it upon himself to get revenge... starting with banging into her outside the factory tonight.

As he confronts her in the street, he gives her the chilling warning that she should be watching her back... but what exactly does he mean?

Coronation Street spoilers: Robert Preston tells Carla to watch her back!

Robert has some stern words for Carla...

Soap fans will know that next week sees the Underworld roof collapse, and that Robert has been lined up as one of the six suspects.

But could his hatred for Carla over Michelle really drive him to sabotage the factory and cause someone to die in the drama?

Tune in all next week to find out more...

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