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Eagle-eyed Coronation Street fans spot THIS giant blunder at Michelle and Robert's wedding

Coronation Street spoilers: Will Michelle Connor say “I do” to Robert?

Coronation Street fans noticed something strange about Michelle and Robert's wedding service...

Michelle Connor and Robert Preston's wedding finally arrived in this evening's Coronation Street, but instead of being caught up in the drama of the day, viewers were more concerned by the lack of guests the pair had at the service.

It's the wedding Coronation Street fans have all been waiting for... but not because they couldn't wait to see the happy couple tie the knot and live happily ever after, but because they were waiting to see exactly how Michelle's revenge plan was going to play out.

Coronation Street spoilers: Will Michelle Connor say “I do” to Robert?

Michelle and Robert's wedding day was anything but a happy one (Picture: ITV)

And viewers certainly weren't disappointed as Michelle arrived at the church looking every inch the blushing bride, she waited until after Robert had said his heart-felt vows before she started on her plan to get her own back for his cheating ways.

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As Michelle started to say her own vows, it quickly became clear that she was reciting messages from Vicky to Robert.

But her revenge didn't end there, she then went to read out all the grubby messages Vicky and Robert had been sending each other over the last few months, leaving guests in stunned silence and Robert reeling.

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However, sadly for Michelle, she didn't quite have the audience she deserved as she went through with dragging Robert's name through the dirt... because the church was half empty.

While it might have been a last-minute wedding that the bride and groom only told their friends and family about shortly before the big day, Michelle and Robert are some of the most popular residents in Weatherfield...

Michelle and Robert's wedding Coronation Street

Where is everyone? (Picture: ITV)

Surely some more people could have taken time out from their Christmas shopping to attend the nuptials?

Coronation Street fans certainly seemed to think so...

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But that wasn't the end of the trouble at Michelle and Robert's wedding. Guests were then treated to round two of the drama when Vicky's son Tyler stormed into the wedding and demanded to know where his mum was.

While Robert was more concerned about going after Michelle, who had fled the church, Tyler started accusing Robert of doing away with his pregnant mum, and guests were left wondering if Robert could be a murderer as well as a cheat.

Coronation Street spoilers: Tyler accuses Robert Preston of killing Vicky!

Is Robert a murderer as well as a cheat? (Picture: ITV)

But the drama is only just beginning for Robert, who is about to find himself in big trouble when all the signs start to point to him being the one who caused Vicky to vanish.

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