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Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans stunned to notice THIS Walford LEGEND is MISSING

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EastEnders fans have taken to Twitter to share their concern for one of Walford's best-loved characters...

EastEnders fans are still reeling from the carnage that the Thames boat disaster caused last week. But while Sharon Mitchell continues to struggle to get her head around the fact Denny is dead, viewers are more concerned about the fact no one has seen Phil Mitchell for days.

The last time we saw Phil was in Friday's episode (21st February) when paramedics were fighting to revive Denny on the banks of the Thames.

EastEnders Queen Vic boat tragedy

Walford residents have been in turmoil since the Thames boat crash (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Matt Burlem/Amy Sharp)

But after his fight to get out of the room that Ian Beale locked him inside, poor Denny met a watery end, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

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While Albert Square residents watched the scene unfolding in front of them in stunned silence, Phil was spotted in the background, away from the crowds, still on the police boat after being pulled to safety from the sinking party boat.

Phil EastEnders BBC

Phil was last seen on a police boat while Denny was being pronounced dead by paramedics (Picture: BBC)

But where is he now? No one has seen or heard from him since Denny's death, and fans are starting to get worried...

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It is likely that Phil is in hiding, believing he is solely responsible for his adoptive son's death as he was the one who caused the boat to crash, oblivious to the fact Ian also played a hand in Denny's demise.

Last night's EastEnders saw two huge storylines unfolding that Phil should have been around for. The first being Ben's loss of hearing following the boat tragedy.

Phil EastEnders BBC

Phil will believe that he is solely responsible for Denny's death after causing the boat to crash while fighting Keanu (Picture: BBC)

Phil will have no idea that his son now has almost 100 per cent hearing loss, and as Ben went to the hospital to have his hearing checked yesterday, no one thought to call Phil and let him know.

Meanwhile, Sharon was delivered the mother of all bombshells by Karen Taylor when she casually dropped into conversation that Phil was responsible for the boat crash.

Ben Mitchell BBC

Missing Phil has no idea that Ben is almost 100 per cent deaf (Picture: BBC)

Until that point, Sharon had no idea, but now she has someone to blame for her son's dearth, and it just so happens to be her soon-to-be ex husband.

But when will Phil come back to Walford and face the music for the part he played in Denny's death?

Sharon Mitchell BBC

Sharon found out about Phil's role in Denny's death last night (Picture: BBC)

Now that Sharon knows part of what happened that fateful night, we wouldn't like to be in Phil's shoes when he does finally decide to return...

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.