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Eamonn Holmes takes cheeky swipe at wife Ruth Langsford for not taking his surname at their wedding live on air

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This Morning host Eamonn Holmes made a cheeky dig at his wife and co-presenter Ruth Langsford live on air today.

The former Sky News reader and the Loose Women panellist were busy chatting away to stand up comedian Joel Dommett in a segment on this morning's episode, when the couple broke out into a bicker mid-interview.

As Joel was explaining the premise behind his brand new show, which will see him and his model wife Hannah Cooper broadcast from their London home, he suggested that Eamonn could do something similar, using his name for a punny title.

Eamonn said, "I reckon that not too long from now, Ruth and I will be at home presenting This Morning.

"Everybody's programme will be done from home. I think you're ahead of the curve.

"Yeah and then you can be called 'Eamonn's Homes," Joel hilariously interjected.

"'At Home with the Holmes'. Everyone's been asking about it," Ruth chipped in, prompting some protest from her hubby.

"No, he didn't say you he said 'Eamonn' so it's At Home With Holmes.

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"Now you're trying to hijack my name. Funny you didn't take it at your wedding.

"Suddenly, Langsford doesn't really tie in there. You made the choice. Too late now," Eamonn continued to joke.

"Well, you can't be at home without me," Ruth fired back.

Ruth and Eamonn, who usually only present on Fridays, have been filling in for their colleagues Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby while they take an Easter break from their usual spot on prime time telly.

During this week's stint, Ruth and Eamonn have been forced to explain on various occasions why they're seemingly ignoring social distancing rules.

Many viewers were confused as to why the couple weren't sat two meters apart, but they were sure to clear things up.

"In case you are new to This Morning, because obviously a lot of people would normally be at work, please don't panic that we're not social distancing.

"Obviously Phillip and Holly do - but we are married. As much as we bicker and you might not think we like each other," Ruth teased.