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EastEnders airs HILARIOUS blunder in recent trip to Walford - did you spot it?

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EastEnders made a funny mistake in last Friday's episode...

EastEnders bosses failed to notice that a bit of the soap's set was seen on screen in an episode aired last Friday (11th October) - but did you see it?

The hilarious blunder came during a scene at Dot Cotton's house when she was having a movie night with Sonia, Bex and Martin.

EastEnders set blunder

Sonia, Dot, Martin and Bex were settling down for a TV night when the hilarious mistake was spotted (Picture: BBC)

The family settled down for an evening in front off the TV in a bid to spend more time together following Bex's attempts to take her own life the week before.

But while Dot was busy interrupting everyone's viewing by asking questions, there was a ring on the doorbell and Sonia offered to go and see who it was.

But as she walked out of the room towards the front door, a bit of the EastEnders set was clearly visible, and it even had a white piece of paper with a note for the crew written on it saying 'DO NOT SET AND STRIKE'.

EastEnders set blunder

The flimsy wooden wall was clear for everyone to see as Sonia walked out of the room (Picture: BBC)

The flimsy wooden wall definitely wasn't part of Dot's living room decor... but thankfully it seemed to go unnoticed by lots of fans seeing as it was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment.

Sonia was shocked to find the police standing at the front door, who where there to see Martin.

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As he went into the kitchen to talk to the officers, it was clear it was a warning from Ben over the argument they'd had earlier about Martin working for him.

EastEnders Bex talks to her mental health worker

Martin and Sonia have been by Bex's side since she tried to take her own life (Picture: BBC)

As the police quizzed Martin about where he was the pervious evening, he tried to cover up the fact he was stealing cars to order for Ben.

In the end it was Sonia who came to his rescue by giving him a false alibi and telling the police that he was at home with her all evening apart from when he popped out for chocolate for Bex.

But EastEnders fans will know this is just the start of the drama for Martin... let's just hope we don't see any more bits of set that shouldn't be there as his trouble with Ben unfolds!

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.