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Has evil Aunt Babe finally got her comeuppance in EastEnders?

Linda, Aunt Babe, EastEnders week 33

Linda and Whitney get a shock when they discover that evil Aunt Babe has been left for dead in EastEnders.

Since arriving on the Square, EastEnders' Aunt Babe has made more than a few enemies! The Carter family matriarch has been trying to worm her way back in to The Vic, but Linda has made it clear that there's still a long way to go.

After a run-in with Claudette, Babe becomes more determined than ever to get what she wants and demands extra money from Les. But, her vicious blackmailing plot looks to be about to catch up with her...

As Babe closes up The Vic for the day, someone spies an opportunity to take their revenge on the pub cook. Who hates Babe enough to want her dead?

Top of the suspect list must surely be the Cokers. Ever since she found out about Les' cross-dressing alter-ego, Christine, Babe has been blackmailing the undertaker in a move that has brought his funeral business to the brink.

The Cokers are not the only ones the pub cook has riled up. Babe's arch-nemesis, Claudette, knows that Babe is the one who has been blackmailing Les. And she's furious. She's already killed once before, so will Claudette be the one who finally makes Babe pay for her evil ways?

After the deadly attack on Babe, Linda and Whitney find her lying unconscious, seemingly left for dead. Will Aunt Babe survive this brutal attack? Tune in on BBC1 from Monday, August 15 to find out Babe's fate.

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