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EastEnders bosses say Bianca Jackson storyline will continue for at least a year

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She may not be back in the Square for long, but it’s all going to kick off…

Patsy Palmer will return to our screens as Bianca Jackson next week, and while she only spent a few weeks on set, EastEnders bosses have now revealed that her comeback will have long-term repercussions on Walford’s long-term residents.

Bianca is just one of the iconic characters set to return to the soap this autumn, alongside Lucy Benjamin as Lisa. ‘It was always part of our plan to bring Bianca back,’ producer Kate Oates explains. ‘We knew that we wanted some classic names in the show for the September launch.’

‘Obviously, we’re so lucky that Lucy Benjamin said yes to returning as Lisa and there was a story propelling her forwards,’ she continued. ‘It’s the same with Patsy. What I think is key is that Patsy’s stint is shorter, but it’s the catalyst she brings with her.’

‘It kicks off another long-term story for them all,’ Jon Sen added. ‘I think that’s the way that soap works best – the constant cause and effect of all these characters that come back from the past and everything kicking off stories the whole time.

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‘It was joyous when we said: “Oh, maybe we can get Bianca back.” Everybody’s really excited because she’s such an iconic character. But our diligence to the audience and the drama meant that we had to make sure it kicked off a story that will sustain now for 12 to 18 months.’

And while it might be a flying visit to Walford for Bianca, Patsy could be back on our screens sooner than we think, after confirming that her family is in talks to star in their own reality TV show.

‘Yes, it’s happening,’ she told The Sun. ‘We’re talking about it with an American production company.'

But she insists the series won’t be a Keeping Up With The Kardashians copycat. ‘I know a couple of them and they’re really nice people, but we’re not them,’ she explains. ‘We’ve got a lot more male energy in the family for a start – even the dogs are boys!’

EastEnders continues on BBC1.