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Life-changing BOMBSHELL is heading for Alfie in EastEnders tonight!

EastEnders spoilers Jean attacks Alfie
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Alfie Moon is back in Walford, and he's about to get the shock of a lifetime...

There's drama in EastEnders tonight when Alfie's return to the Square opens a whole can of worms that the Slaters were hoping would be kept firmly shut.

After his shock arrival on Friday night, Kat is set to be left reeling tonight when Alfie confesses he is sorry for everything and has come back to Albert Square in a bid to win her back.

EastEnders Alfie Moon Kat Moon

Kat Moon was stunned when Alfie turned up on the Slaters' doorstep last week

But while these are the words Kat has been waiting months to hear, viewers know their reunion isn't going to be a happy one.

With the huge secret that Alfie is the father of Hayley's baby sitting like a ticking time bomb, it's only a matter of time before the news shatters everything.

Terrified that he will see Hayley and the baby - and work out that she didn't have that abortion like she promised - Jean does her best to get rid of Alfie in tonight's episode.

EastEnders Hayley Slater

Hayley was unimpressed when she walked into her surprise birthday party!

But while Kat thinks she is standing up for her, little does she know Jean is the keeper of the biggest secret the Slaters have seen since it was revealed Kat is Zoe's mum.

Knowing that Jean doesn't want him at the house, Alfie finds a way to sneak back into the house. After inviting half the Square to Hayley's birthday party, he uses the fact that the Slaters' house is full to the brim as a distraction and manages to get in without Jean seeing him.

EastEnders Kat Moon and Alfie Moon talk

Alfie and Kat have a heart-to-heart in the Slaters' bathroom in tonight's EastEnders

Meanwhile Kat has locked herself in the bathroom and Alfie uses this as his moment to have a heart-to-heart with his estranged wife.

In the end the pair come to an agreement and it isn't long before Kat is finally reunited with her boys. A moment that the heart-broken mum has been dreaming of for a long time.

But just when it looks like all is rosy in Kat and Alfie's world once again, disaster is about to strike.

Jean is horrified when she catches Alfie holding Hayley's baby - oblivious to the fact he is actually holding his own baby daughter, and believing the baby belongs to Stacey.

Hayley walks in and is stunned to see Alfie with their daughter, and is forced to drop the bombshell that she is the baby's mum.

As Hayley's confession sinks in, Alfie's world implodes as he puts two and two together and finally realises he is the baby's father.

But how long will they be able to keep the secret safe? And what does this latest shock mean for Kat and Alfie's fragile relationship?

Shane Richie, who plays the new dad, told Radio Times that Alfie's soon smitten with his daughter...

"Alfie realises that this is his daughter and it's then that you see a change in him.

"His paternal instincts kick in very quickly and he takes on board that he is the father of this child."

Watch these scenes unfold tonight on EastEnders 8pm on BBC1.

Picture credits: BBC / Kieron McCarron