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EastEnders confirms HUGE character is set to make a dramatic Christmas return

EastEnders sign - legend of show joining Holby City
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There's going to be Christmas chaos for the Taylor family this December as Karen's sister, Kandice, makes a festive comeback...

EastEnders has revealed that actress Hannah Spearritt will be reprising her role as Kandice Taylor this Christmas.

The former S Club 7 singer originally made her Walford debut last Christmas after her character's big sister Karen was forced to go and ask her for a handout.

Kandice Taylor Karen Taylor

We first saw Kandice last Christmas when Karen was forced to ask her for a handout

Fans were then treated to another Kandice instalment when the character returned in July as part of a hilarious plot involving her trying to get out of a charity climb up Mont Blanc - this time with Karen being the one to bail her sister out of trouble.

But now EastEnders has announced that Kandice is back for a short stint over Christmas, but what fresh drama will she be bringing with her this time?

The soap has revealed that while her return to Albert Square might be brief, that doesn't mean she won't be causing a huge stir while she is there.

Kandice and Keanu

The Taylors had a surprise visit from Kandice in the summer

Kandice is set to join sister Karen and her kids as they celebrate Christmas together as a family... but the day immediately gets off to a bad start when Keegan's dad, Mitch Baker, turns up unannounced.

Karen is quick to send her ex on his way - and Walford fans will remember the last time we saw him on screen earlier this year Karen had just discovered he was secretly married and had a baby on the way.

But it sounds like Mitch can't take no for an answer, because as the Taylors settle down for their Christmas celebrations, he makes yet another appearance.

Kandice is back this Christmas - and this time Mitch is with her!

Kandice is back this Christmas - and this time Mitch is with her!

However, it's not just Mitch that has got some explaining to do, as it soon transpires that he has been plotting something with Kandice. But since when were those two friends?

Kandice and Karen have always had a love hate relationship - but what will Karen make of her sibling siding with the man who has treated her so badly in the past?

As Kandice tries to reason with her sister, Mitch is more determined than ever to make amends with his son, Keegan. But after being abandoned more than once, will the teen be ready to forgive and forget?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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