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EastEnders fans BAFFLED over this MIND-BOGGLING mystery in tonight's episode

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EastEnders fans have been left confused by a scene at the Mitchells' house tonight...

Tonight's EastEnders has got fans asking the question on every viewer's mind across the nation... just how big is Phil Mitchell's house?!

The all-important question got fans taking to social media in their droves this evening after Ian Beale chose life-long friend Sharon Mitchell over his own mum, forcing Kathy to move out.

Mitchells in EastEnders BBC

Ian gave Kathy a shocking ultimatum in tonight's EastEnders (Picture: BBC)

No one has been happy about Sharon getting her feet under the table at Ian's since she was thrown out by Phil at Christmas following the revelation that she had an affair with Keanu Taylor.

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But while Ian was happy to invite heavily pregnant Sharon to live under his roof, no one else liked the idea, and it didn't take long for Ben, Lola and Lexi to move across the Square to Phil's house.

However, tonight's EastEnders saw Kathy get fed up with having Sharon under the same roof as her, but she was shocked when she demanded Ian got rid of her, only to be told that if she didn't like living with Sharon then she knew where the door was.

Mitchells in EastEnders BBC

Kathy soon found herself with nowhere to go, so she squeezed herself into the Mitchell Tardis! (Picture: BBC)

Kathy was stunned to be told she needed to leave, and the once-bursting Beale house now just has Ian, Bobby and Sharon rattling around in it.

However, across the Square at the Mitchell house, things are looking more and more cosy, especially when Kathy arrived tonight looking for a room after being thrown out by Ian.

Phil didn't blink an eyelid as he agreed she could stay, but as the Mitchell patriarch told Dennis to take Kathy's bags upstairs to her room, fans were left wondering where exactly this spare room is...

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Assuming Kathy isn't going to be sharing with Phil any time soon, or teenage Dennis for that matter, where is she going to be sleeping?

Also in the house is Louise, who has just had a baby so her room is fit to bursting with baby essentials, we can't see Kathy snuggling in with son Ben, or with Lola and Lexi for that matter.

Mitchells in EastEnders BBC

Where exactly is Kathy's room?! (Picture: BBC)

But while fans were pondering just how many bedrooms Phil's house has, there was tension in the Mitchell family as Louise continues to struggle with the pressures of life as a new mum, while also fighting to hide the fact she believes Keanu is dead.

Ben and Phil are understandably desperate for her to keep her cool... but with Lisa already worried about her daughter's mental state, it seems it might only be a matter of time before Louise cracks.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.