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EastEnders fans hail THIS moment from last night the ‘BEST THING’ they’ve seen all year

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EastEnders fans were thrilled after spotting this iconic moment with Sharon Mitchell in last night's episode...

EastEnders fans have declared a hilarious moment that saw pregnant Sharon Mitchell satisfying her pregnancy cravings with pickled gherkins the 'best thing' they will see all year.

The brilliant moment came in last night's EastEnders (Monday 3rd February) as Sharon recovered from a fight in the cafe between her son Dennis Rickman and Bobby Beale.

Bobby and Dennis fight in EastEnders BBC

Dennis wasn't listening as Bobby tried to apologise last night (Picture: BBC)

EastEnders fans were stunned last week when Bobby lashed out at teenage Dennis after he verbally abused his mum, causing him to hit his head as he fell to the floor, ending up in the exact same place in the Beales' lounge as Lucy did the night she died.

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But tonight's EastEnders saw Bobby wracked with guilt over what he had done and tried to make amends by gathering Sharon, Dennis and his dad Ian in the cafe.

Bobby tried his best to apologise to Dennis for his actions, but Dennis wasn't having any of it and hit back by pouring a can of coke over Bobby's head.

Sharon Mitchell eating pickles in EastEnders Credit: BBC

Sharon was indulging her pregnancy cravings with pickles, and fans thought it was hilarious (Picture: BBC)

However, it wasn't the drama in the cafe that got fans talking, it was later when Bobby had gone home for a shower and Sharon had a snack that got them taking to social media.

With Bobby upstairs washing cola out of his hair,  Sharon made the most if no one else being around and made a snack which consisted of a bowl of cheese and a jar of pickles.

Sharon Mitchell eating pickles in EastEnders Credit: BBC

Sharon couldn't get enough of her pickled gherkins! (Picture: BBC)

As Sharon cured her cravings with the pickles, fans thought it was hilarious and shared their joy on Twitter...

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It has been hinted that Sharon is due to have her baby later this month as the Queen Vic boat party gets underway.

But with her son not talking to her, plus the fact that she is camping out at Ian Beale's, just how easy is she going to find having a newborn to contend with?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.