EastEnders fans have BIZARRE theory that Jasper Parrott will expose HUGE Walford secret

Rocky Cotton's green Amazon pet parrot Jasper Parrott in his cage EastEnders
EastEnders welcomed newcomer Jasper Parrott...but could he unearth a devastating secret? (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans think that Rocky Cotton's (Brian Conley) pet bird Jasper Parrott will let slip a huge secret.

During last night's episode (Tuesday, June 13), Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) overheard Rocky on the phone to his estranged wife Jo Cotton (Vicki Michelle), insisting that she can't keep "his boy" from him.

Considering Rocky kept his long-lost wife Jo a secret from his fiancée Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), Bobby was worried that he was still keeping secrets from his gran and rushed to tell Kathy what he had heard.

"I think Rocky's got a son that he's not told you about," he told her at the café.

A furious Kathy confronted Rocky about his secret and it wasn't long before their row was interrupted by Jo turning up at Kathy's doorstep once again.

Kathy Beale is angry at Rocky Cotton.

Kathy Beale was astounded to discover the truth about Jasper. (Image credit: BBC)

Rocky begged Jo to let him see Jasper, while Jo bluntly replied that once Kathy allowed him to see Jasper that he should come and meet her at the pub.

"More lies? Do you know, I can't take any more of this. I mean, how could you have a son that you never even told me about?" Kathy fumed.

A baffled Rocky laughed and revealed that Jasper was actually a green Amazon parrot, named after comedian Jasper Carrott.

Once Kathy had calmed down over the unexpected secret, she was still raging that Jo was back in their lives and that Rocky had spoken to his ex-wife behind her back.

After initially refusing to allow Rocky's "stupid bird" into the house, she softened once she realised how much Jasper meant to him.

Rocky Cotton is thrilled to be reunited with his pet parrot Jasper as Kathy and Bobby Beale watch on.

Rocky was thrilled to be reunited with his beloved bird Jasper. (Image credit: BBC)

Later on, Kathy turned up at the Queen Vic to talk to Jo about Jasper and paid her £600 for the parrot. 

Rocky was overjoyed to be reunited with Jasper and even kissed him through his cage, while the parrot squawked, "Rocky! Rocky!" 

After the arrival of Jasper, fans reckon that he will expose a major Walford secret...

EastEnders continues tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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