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EastEnders fans in hysterics after THIS baffling moment last night

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The opening scene of last night's EastEnders has left fans in stitches...

Last night's EastEnders started with Mel Owen desperately trying to smash the gun used to kill Ray Kelly with a hammer... and fans couldn't get enough of it.

The desperate mum, who is trying to protect killer son Hunter, seemed to think it would be a good idea to wrap the gun in a tea towel and try and destroy it with a metal hammer that she had clearly found in her tool box.

But with the gun being made of steel, it seemed her efforts were in vain - and fans thought the baffling moment was hilarious!

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With her hammer idea not working, Mel then kept the gun in her handbag for most of the episode, desperately trying to find a moment when no one was looking so that she could get rid of it.

But with this being Walford, it's virtually impossible to do anything and not get seen by someone.

But getting rid of the gun wasn't Mel's only problems last night. Worried about what Hunter might do next, she decided to lock him in the house, thinking it was for his own safety.

EastEnders Mel Owen Hunter OWen and DS Barnes

DS Barnes visited Mel and Hunter last night

But what she didn't count on was the police turning up at her home, and with her at the club, Hunter was unable to unlock the door and let them in.

After racing home and letting the police in, Mel was shocked when Hunter was given a warning for intimidating Maddie and Nicola last week... something that didn't seem to bother unhinged Hunter in the slightest.

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Deciding that the best thing is to get her son as far away from Walford as possible, Mel accepted a low offer on the E20 from Sharon and Phil and made preparations to leave.

But when Hunter didn't react well to the news they were leaving Albert Square, Mel decided the only thing she could do to gain control of her son was to put sleeping tablets in his hot chocolate...

But will it do the trick, or is Hunter a time bomb just waiting to explode?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.