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EastEnders fans left baffled after last night's episode for THIS reason

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Last night's EastEnders has left fans confused because of this baffling storyline with Jean Slater and Shirley Carter...

EastEnders fans have been left confused after last night's episode saw Jean Slater go to the E20 nightclub with Shirley Carter and gatecrash someone else's hen night.

But it wasn't the strippers before watershed that got everyone talking, it was the fact the nightclub was open and packed with people, despite it being the middle of the day...

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Fans thought it was hilarious that the nightclub would be open when outside on the Square everyone went about their usual daily routine... even the Bridge Street market was still open.

When Shirley realised that something wasn't right with Jean, she invited her along to the E20 for a posh coffee, knowing that if she said it was to tag along at a stranger's hen party then Jean wouldn't have shown up.

EastEnders Jean Slater and Shirley Carter in the E20

Shirley tricks Jean into gatecrashing a hen party... complete with baby Cherry in tow

But when Jean arrived, she was shocked to see the place packed with strippers, particularly because she was there with baby Cherry!

While a nightclub isn't exactly the best place for a baby, in Jean's defence she thought she was going for a posh coffee!

Fans were divided over whether Jean should have taken baby Cherry into a nightclub packed with strippers, even if it was in the middle of the day. Some viewers thought it was hilarious...

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While others thought it was completely inappropriate...

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But the best part of the episode came when Jean dashed out of the nightclub in tears, only for Shirley to follow her and the pair had a heart-to-heart.

As Jean fobbed Shirley off, claiming she was just stressed with helping Kat look after baby Cherry, viewers know that the real reason Jean is so emotional is because of her devastating trip to the doctors the previous day where her GP told her she needed further tests after finding a sinister looking lump.

EastEnders Jean Slater and Dr Elinor Walters

Jean's GP told her she needs further tests after finding a lump in her abdomen

But Shirley knew that Jean wasn't telling her truth, and seemed determined to get to the bottom of what was upsetting her friend, despite promising that she would keep their chat to herself.

Could Shirley turn out to be the one to support Jean through the toughest battle of her life as she is diagnosed with ovarian cancer?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credit: BBC / Jack Barnes and Kieron McCarron