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EastEnders fans PANICKING over THIS beloved character’s baffling behaviour

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Jean Slater isn't herself at the moment...

Last night's EastEnders has left fans worrying about Jean Slater after she mistook Whitney Dean for her daughter, Stacey Slater.

The confusing moment came as Whitney finally made it home to Walford after being kidnapped by Leo King's unhinged mum, Michaela Turnbull.

Whitney and Jean EastEnders BBC

Tiffany was glad to have Whitney home safe and sound (Picture: BBC)

EastEnders fans know that Whitney has been held captive in a tiny flat with Michaela after she abducted her from Albert Square a few weeks ago.

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But while it seemed Leo's mum had sinister things planned for the woman who killed her son, Whitney managed to escape when lawyer Gray Atkins came to her rescue.

Gray brought Whitney back to the Square following her ordeal where she was welcomed by her relieved family, who were thrilled to have her home.

Whitney and Jean EastEnders BBC

Jean confused Whitney with her daughter, Stacey (Picture: BBC)

But while Tiffany couldn't wait to give Whitney a massive hug, Jean quickly followed and told Whitney how glad they were to have her home.

But instead of calling her Whitney, Jean appeared to think that it was Stacey standing in front of her.

EastEnders fans know that Jean stopped taking her bipolar medication following Daniel's death, and it is clear that she's not quite herself.

Kush, Whitney and Tiffany were all confused by the fact Jean had mentioned Stacey's name, oblivious to the fact Jean has stopped taking her tablets.

Whitney and Jean EastEnders BBC

Whitney noticed that Jean called her by the wrong name (Picture: BBC)

But fans know the real reason for Jean's bizarre comment and they're all panicking about her wellbeing...

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Kush has been left looking after the Slater household since girlfriend Kat disappeared last month, but it seems Tommy and his newly-discovered dyslexia is now just one of the many things he has got to worry about.

Jean's confusion leaves Kush worried and tonight's EastEnders will see him work out Jean hasn't been taking her medication.

But how will Jean react when Kush confronts her?

EastEnders will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.