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EastEnders fans have prayers ANSWERED after this happened last night

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There was a new arrival in EastEnders last night as Chantelle Atkins made her Walford debut - and fans couldn't be happier...

EastEnders fans have taken to social media to share their excitement at the fact Mitch Baker and Karen Taylor's long-lost daughter, Chantelle Atkins, has finally arrived in Walford.

Soap viewers have been begging EastEnders bosses to bring in Keegan Baker's much talked about sister her since the Taylors arrived in Albert Square back in 2017 - and last night their prayers were answered when Chantelle arrived.

Chantelle was an immediate hit with fans on Twitter, with everyone loving her already...

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Chantelle, played by former Neon Jungle singer Jessica Kate Plummer, showed up unannounced while Kim and Denise Fox were looking for hairdressers to work in their new pop up salon.

The sister were desperately trying to track down someone who would fit into their new business venture after taking on the challenge of competing with Mitch to win investment money from Patrick Trueman.

EastEnders Mitch Taylor and Chantelle

Mitch is shocked to see his daughter Chantelle Atkins.

As Kim and Denise struggled to find someone suitable, the pair began to think that their new business venture was doomed before it had even begun, but thankfully Chantelle arrived at the last moment, leaving the siblings thrilled.

As they all headed to The Vic to celebrate Chantelle's new job, Kim and Denise couldn't help but gloat to Mitch when he arrived to see if they had found a hairdresser yet.

But the smile was soon wiped off everyone's faces when they realised the woman they had just hired was the competition's daughter.

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Chantelle and Mitch clearly haven't seen each other for a while, so what has bought Chantelle to Walford where the rest of her family live?

It's no secret that Chantelle will also be bringing her own family with her to Albert Square, introducing a whole new dynamic to the Taylor family.

As Chantelle's husband Gray and their children Mia and Mackenzie arrive, the new arrivals are certainly going to shake things up in the Taylor house. Watch this space.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC1.