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EastEnders fans predict THIS character is about to be killed off - and here's why

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Last night's trip to Walford saw trouble brewing for Tiffany as Evie turned violent, but fans have got a surprising theory about what will happen next...

EastEnders fans are convinced that Evie Steele has just signed her own death warrant by setting her signs on Phil Mitchell's son, Denny, as her next drug errand boy.

Fans have taken to social media to share their theory that Phil will get the ultimate revenge on Evie if he finds out that she is trying to lure Dennis into her dark world...

Tiffany might be scared of Walford's newest villain, but Phil has certainly got her number.

EastEnders Evie is impressed by Tiffany.

Evie has been grooming Tiffany for weeks, and now she has set her sights on Dennis

The pair came face-to-face in the cafe last night after Evie returned Phil's wallet that'd dropped, but instead of her getting a thank you for her efforts, she was left red-faced when he accused her of stealing the cash before handing it back.

Despite the fact all his money was there, Phil didn't back down, telling Evie that he knew she was trouble, and let's face it, Phil's seen enough trouble in his lifetime to know it when he sees it!

Fans are convinced that if Evie gets her claws into Sharon's precious boy then Phil will make sure it is the last thing she ever does...

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After telling Tiffany that she wanted Dennis as her new 'soldier', Evie was left undeterred when Tiff tried to explain that you don't mess with Phil Mitchell, telling her friend that she likes a challenge - and a challenge she would certainly have!

But by the end of the episode Evie's grooming turned more sinister than ever when Tiff tried to buy more time to complete her task and got a slap around the face in return.

Dennis and Phil

Evie is playing with fire getting involved with these two...

Fans have been hoping that Tiffany will do the right thing and tell Phil that Evie has designs on his son, but will it really be that simple?

Tonight's trip to Walford sees Tiffany feeling the pressure from Evie once again. Is an unsuspecting Denny about to find himself drawn into trouble?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC / Kieron McCarron and BBC / Jack Barnes