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EastEnders fans predict KUSH will be Gray's next murder victim - here's the proof

Kush Kazemi hands himself in, in EastEnders

Is Kush Kazemi about to come to a tragic end in EastEnders?

EastEnders fans have made a grim prediction after last night's episode saw Gray Atkins take a dislike to Kush Kazemi.

Soap fans will already know that Gray killed his wife, Chantelle, after years of domestic abuse came to a tragic end.

Gray then went on to recently kill Tina Carter when she worked out the truth behind Chantelle's death.

EastEnders Kush and Gray

Has Gray got Kush marked as his next target? (Picture: BBC)

But fans have guessed that Kush could be next on Gray's hit list after one particular scene in last night's episode.

Gray's next victim?

The moment came when Whitney and Kush were messing around in the market, with Whitney joking about Kush's football skills.

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But as they were playfully flirting, Gray came around the corner and caught them in the act.

EastEnders Kush and Gray

Gray wasn't happy to see Kush and Whitney flirting last night (Picture: BBC)

Realising he could be losing his grip over Whitney, Gray told her that he appreciated that she was always looking out for Mack and Mia... but his tone suggested he was anything but grateful.

Fans noticed that Gray gave Kush a sinister look - but was that glare sealing Kush's fate?

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Later, Gray came up with a plan to keep Whitney firmly where he could control her.

He decided she should become his children's nanny, making out to an upset Karen that she could then go back to being a nan instead of the hired help.

EastEnders Gray targets Kush

Fans didn't like the look that Gray gave Kush last night (Picture: BBC)

But what plan does Gray have for Whitney?

And if Kush gets in thew way, could fans be right and we will see him come to a tragic end?

Kush's grisly end?

It's no secret that Davood Ghadami is leaving the soap, having announced back in September last year that he was due to exit when his contract came to an end.

EastEnders Kush is oblivious to the look Gray gave him

Is Kush about to come to a tragic end? (Picture: BBC)

But will Kush become Gray's next victim? And when will Gray's killer secret finally come out?

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