EastEnders fans predict this unlikely character will scupper Phil's plan to bring down Keeble

EastEnders Phil Mitchell discovers all from Keeble
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EastEnders fans are predicting that Phil Mitchell's plan to bring down DCI Keeble is about to fall apart - thanks to some meddling from an unlikely character.

Phil's enemy Keanu Taylor is back in Walford and seemingly working with Phil to get dirt on Keeble - though the jury's still out on whether Phil should trust him.

Meanwhile, the clock's ticking on Phil's efforts to bring down Keeble, before poor Billy Mitchell gets banged up for life.

And there's an added complication in the shape of sister Sam's fling with Keanu.

Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor

It's not Keanu who's being tipped to bring down Phil! (Image credit: BBC)

The plan is for Phil to get actual, concrete evidence that Keeble's fixation with revenge is making her make some pretty bad - illegal - decisions, and therefore get the case against Billy to collapse.

But despite Keanu's reappearance in Albert Square, and Sam's ill-advised romantic liaisons, fans are convinced it could be someone outside the family who actually scuppers his scheming.

Alfie Moon.

Alfie Moon is threatened by a gunman

Is hapless Alfie the one who'll scupper Phil's plans? (Image credit: BBC)

Alfie's got an obsession of his own - ex-wife Kat Slater.

He's determined to win her away from fiance Phil, and live happily after. 

So far, his plans have failed. But EastEnders viewers think Alfie's about to step things up and go from panto frolics to something more sinister.

After all, Alfie's already clocked Phil and Keanu together when they should be sworn enemies.

And fans reckon he could tell Keeble what he knows - and ruin all Phil's carefully plotted plans.

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And some fans have taken it even further, predicting that Phil will be sent to prison for life - leaving Alfie as the main man in the Square! 


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