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EastEnders fans predict Walford killer is coming back to finish off THIS character

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EastEnders fans have predicted that Walford is about to get seriously dangerous with not one, but TWO killers living in Albert Square...

Last night's EastEnders saw Ian Beale find out that killer son Bobby Beale is set to be released from jail in June this year - and fans have gone into overdrive trying to work out who could be next on the murderer's hit list.

Ian spent most of last night's episode hiding the letter from his son's Youth Offending Team, telling him that they would like to organise a home visit before Bobby's release in June.

His date with Jean then ended in disaster after he spent the whole lunch at The Vic distracted. While he wanted to talk about his family and kids, Jean was more concerned about the fact she was having hot sweats.

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Jean and Ian's date was a disaster thanks to the letter...

But when Ian pointed out that it was probably just the menopause, his observation didn't go down well and Jean left... leaving Ian to look at this letter once again.

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But with the news that Bobby will soon be free, fans took to social media to reveal that they thought he would soon kill again, and the most likely victim seems to be Hunter...

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But not everyone seemed to think Hunter and Bobby would be enemies.

Some fans think that because they've both killed someone, they might have some common ground and could even team up...

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But with the net closing in on Hunter, could he still be in Walford by the time Bobby comes home?

Last night saw him dig up Ray's dead body to get the bullet out of his rotting corpse - all in an attempt to get rid of any link to his death and the gun he and Mel still have in their house.

Has Hunter really got rid of the last bit of evidence linking him to Ray's murder? Or has disturbing the body just made it all the easier to find?

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