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EastEnders fans sickened by latest Ruby twist: ‘She’s evil’

Ruby Fowler in EastEnders
Ruby Fowler in EastEnders

EastEnders' Ruby has landed Stacey in serious trouble...

EastEnders fans have been left fuming after the latest twist in Ruby's feud with Stacey (Lacey Turner) aired last night.

Viewers have seen the pair at war ever since it was revealed that Martin and Ruby had got married last year.

But things ramped up a gear recently when Ruby accused Stacey of causing her to lose her baby after falling down the stairs at the club.

Stacey and Ruby argue in EastEnders

Ruby has accused Stacey of assaulting her (Picture BBC)

Fans of the soap will know that Ruby was lying when she claimed Stacey assaulted during a row, and that in reality she simply lost her footing.

Secrets and lies 

However, things have taken another shocking turn this week when it was revealed that Martin reported Stacey to the police.

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Last night's EastEnders saw Stacey confident that the truth would emerge when the police saw the CCTV footage from the club.

Stacey and Ruby argue in EastEnders

Stacey is innocent, but the footage at the club seems to show otherwise (Picture BBC)

At first Ruby was smug, believing the cameras weren't working.

However, the smile was soon wiped from her face when Martin announced he had fixed them.

Panicking that her lies were about to be exposed, Ruby hot-footed it over to the club and managed to delete the footage before the police arrived.

Ruby Fowler deletes CCTV footage in EastEnders

Ruby deleted the footage that proves Stacey is innocent (Picture BBC)

Fans are fuming that Ruby's shady antics are likely to land Stacey in huge trouble...

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By the end of yesterday's episode, it was clear that Ruby was going to get away with her lies when the police found more footage from the day of the argument.

This time, the camera was filming from another angle, making it look very much like Stacey pushed Ruby down the stairs.

Will Ruby really let the mother of her husband's children go to jail for something she didn't do?

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