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EastEnders fans notice THIS subtle change in the soap - did you spot it?

(Image credit: BBC)

Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans have seen something new in the closing credits...

EastEnders fans have noticed that the soap has made a change to the closing credits.

Earlier this year Sharon's surname was changed from Mitchell back to her maiden name, Watts, after she split from husband Phil.

Ian Sharon EastEnders

Sharon married Ian in the hospital on Thursday's episode (Picture: BBC)

However, her name has changed yet again after marrying Ian while he was on his deathbed in Thursday night's episode.

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Last night's episode ended with Sharon (Letitia Dean) telling new mother-in-law Kathy that she had no intention of getting her marriage to Ian annulled.

And now the closing credits even have her listed as Sharon Beale... there's a sight we never thought we would see!

Sharon EastEnders

Sharon is now officially a Beale (Picture: BBC)

Fans have taken to social media to share their shock at spotting the change...

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Ian's fight 

Last night's EastEnders saw Sharon worried about her new husband's future when Ash told her and Kathy that Ian had a 50/50 chance of surviving his bleed on the brain.

Thankfully Ian came through the surgery, meaning whoever attacked him is still looking at attempted murder charges instead of full-blown murder.

Ian Beale EastEnders

Ian was given a 50/50 chance of living last night, but pulled through his surgery (Picture: BBC)

However, the plot thickens as Jack and the rest of the police try to work out what actually happened on the night Ian was left for dead.

It seemed for a moment that Bobby was the one with his dad's blood on his hands, however, his confession turned out to be false.

Jack reminded Tina that she is still very much a suspect, while Rainie and Stuart have been making up alibis to cover their tracks from the night of the attack.

Sharon EastEnders

Sharon told Kathy she has no intention of getting an annulment (Picture: BBC)

There is also now a hire van that appears to have traces of blood in it that the police are investigating, and at the end of the episode Peter was revealed to have some dodgy dealings with Kheerat.

There is still a bit of a wait until we find out exactly who attacked Ian, but as the mystery deepens, it seems anyone in Walford could have been involved.

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