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It’s snow joke! EastEnders isn’t on tonight - can you blame the weather?!

EastEnders Mel Owen and Maddie
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)


EastEnders fans tuning in for the latest action from Walford this evening will be gutted to hear that the soap isn’t on!

This is one thing that can’t be blamed on the snow sweeping the country, instead EastEnders viewers can look to a familiar culprit - yep, sport.

For a change it’s not the football causing soap fans trouble, instead it’s the rugby, with BBC1 dedicating a large part of its Friday night schedule to the six nations clash between France and Wales.

EastEnders Keanu Taylor and Sharon Mitchell

Sharon makes it clear to Keanu it's over in EastEnders last night

EastEnders viewers did at least get two episodes of the soap last night, with Sharon Mitchell continuing to break Keanu’s heart, while Mel Owen made a confession to Ian.

And next week fans will be relieved to hear that the show is on its normal nights. Monday’s episode will go out at 8pm, with Mel losing control after all the New Year’s drama. She ends up grabbing a terrified Maddie when she asks for some cash.

Tuesday’s 7.30pm episode will see more Sharon/Keanu drama, with Sharon giving the lad a reality check when he tries to have a few minutes with her.

On Thursday, 7.30pm, Ruby and Jay enjoy a date, while in Friday’s 8pm episode, Hunter manages to get on the wrong side of Phil - never a good idea!

Remember, no EastEnders tonight!