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EastEnders fans REJOICE as THIS iconic character CHANGES their identity

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Sharon Mitchell who?

EastEnders fans were left thrilled tonight when Sharon Mitchell announced that she was changing back to her iconic maiden name... Sharon Watts.

Poor Sharon faced ever parents' worst nightmare tonight when she laid her precious son, Denny, to rest after he tragically died in the Thames boat crash in February.

Sharon EastEnders BBC

Sharon laid her beloved son to rest in tonight's EastEnders (Picture: BBC)

As the day of the funeral arrived, Sharon was faced with saying a final goodbye to her beloved teenage son, before holding a wake at the Vic.

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But when Jay arrived with flowers from Lola and Ben, Sharon made it clear that no Mitchell was welcome at the funeral, and told Jay to throw the flowers in the bin.

Sharon EastEnders BBC

Sharon told Jay that the Mitchells weren't welcome at the funeral (Picture: BBC)

When Kathy pointed out that Sharon was actually a Mitchell herself, Sharon was adamant that she was called Sharon Watts, and that the funeral taking place was for Dennis Rickman Jr.

Sharon EastEnders BBC

Fans rejoiced as Sharon revealed she's changed her name back to Watts (Picture: BBC)

But while the moment might have escaped some viewers, the mention of Sharon's iconic maiden name wasn't wasted on lots of fans.

They took to social media to share their joy at Sharon's sudden name change...

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EastEnders fans will know the reason that Sharon doesn't want anything to do with the Mitchells is because she blames Phil for Denny's death.

The grieving mum has no idea that best friend Ian played a part in her son's demise, and instead believes that Phil is solely responsible for the fact Denny is dead.

Sharon EastEnders BBC

Sharon blames Phil for Denny's death (Picture: BBC)

Tonight saw Sharon say goodbye to her son, but the day was totally ruined by an unwelcome guest turning up at the wake.

Just as the gathering for Denny was drawing to a close, Phil made a return to the Square, the first time anyone has seen him since the night of Denny's death.

But this is just be beginning of Sharon and Phil's storyline... tomorrow night will see the pair come to blows as Sharon lashes out at her estranged husband in the pub.

Sharon and Phil EastEnders

Sharon and Phil's storyline is only just beginning (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

And it isn't long before a guilty Phil hands himself into the police for causing the boat accident that killed his stepson.

It seems there couldn't have been a more fitting time for Sharon Watts to make a comeback.

EastEnders will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.