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Is Janine Butcher about to make a shock return to EastEnders?

Actress Charlie Brook has suggested her evil character could make a comeback!

Janine Butcher is undoubtedly one of the biggest villains in soapland, and over the years the EastEnders character has been involved in multiple murder storylines.

The last time we saw Janine she was fleeing to Paris to start a new life – but now actress Charlie Brooks has teased that a comeback may be on the cards!

Charlie, 36, told the Express: ‘I’ve been doing quite a lot of stage which I’ve loved and sort of really focusing on your craft. I find it really challenging and very rewarding.

‘I’ve always wanted to do more stage and I’ve had three years of nothing but stage so I’m ready to venture back into TV should the opportunity arise.’

When asked whether that included an EastEnders return, Charlie said: ‘Never say never. There’s a lot of people coming back at the moment! It’s definitely something I would think about in the future. Who knows what the future will bring? I really don’t know.’

With the recent return of iconic characters including Kat and Big Mo Slater, we think it’s about time scheming Janine made her comeback!