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EastEnders boss reveals FIRST LOOK at this year's explosive Christmas drama

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A familiar face is returning to Walford for Christmas... but who?

Christmas is always huge in Walford, and EastEnders bosses have revealed that, despite the soap's break in filming thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, this year is no exception.

EastEnders producer Kate Oates and Jon Sen shared some exciting insights to the festive season  with during a recent press event, revealing that they haven't just got this Christmas planned, but next year, too!

Kate Oates EastEnders

Kate Oates has revealed a familiar face will be returning to Walford this Christmas (Picture: Getty) (Image credit: WireImage)

And that's not all.

A huge comeback is also on the cards for a former Walford favourite this Christmas. But who?

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Speaking about whether this Christmas in Walford would be as big as usual given the new social distancing measures in place, Kate has reassured everyone that this festive season in Walford will be bigger and better than ever...

"We’re in the second draft of scripts stage for this Christmas, which is very exciting.

"In fact Jon is so organised with story lining, we all are, that we also know what we’re doing the Christmas after as well, which is amazing.

EastEnders Christmas 2019

Christmas is always a busy time in Walford (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

"When you have got long-term story arcs like that, you know you’re in a good place when you’re making a soap because you can see what the hot points are going to be along the way.

"We are very much on the way to completing story lining for this Christmas."

Who is returning to Albert Square?

But it's not just being super-organised with storylines that Kate talked about.

She also revealed there would be a familiar face returning to Walford this Christmas...

"We have got an exciting return planned and it is going to be part of a huge, long-running story, which we are going to continue to play out at Christmas.

EastEnders tops the Christmas Day TV ratings

EastEnders has topped the Christmas Day TV ratings over the years with iconic episodes (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC)

"EastEnders Christmas is very much on the agenda."

While Kate might have remained tight-lipped about the character's identity, there is plenty of time to find out more.

Watch this space!

EastEnders episodes return to BBC One at 8.05pm on Monday 7th September