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EastEnders legend BLACKMAILED in tonight’s EastEnders - but why?

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There's a dark storyline heading for EastEnders as Phil Mitchell finds himself being blackmailed by someone very surprising...

Tonight's EastEnders sees Phil Mitchell getting blackmailed by Ruby Allen as she digs up his past with her dad, Johnny Allen.

Soap fans will know that Ruby's attack last year at the hands of Martin's friends Matt and Ross is still understandably playing heavily on her mind.

It has ruined her new romance with Jay Brown, and despite trying to build bridges with the undertaker in tonight's EastEnders, Ruby is upset when he turns down her attempts to rekindle their romance.

EastEnders Ruby Allen and Jay Mitchell

Jay and Ruby's romance has been rocky from the start...

Already disheartened, Ruby is left even more upset after a meeting with her Independent Sexual Violence Advisor, and she soon decides she needs a plan to help her move on.

Surprisingly deciding that Phil Mitchell is the man to help her get to grips with her rape, Ruby heads to The Arches and offers Phil a huge wad of cash in return for doing her a favour.

But Phil is stunned by what she is asking of him and declines... only for Ruby to get personal and start raking up Phil's past with her dad, Johnny.

But will her attempts at blackmail work?

EastEnders Ruby Allen and Phil Mitchell

Ruby offers Phil cash in return for a favour... but what does she want him to do?

Phil is conflicted about whether to help Ruby, and agrees to give it some thought... but Sharon is fuming when she finds out that Phil is doing a job for Ruby and reminds Phil that Johnny Allen is the reason her son Dennis is growing up without his biological dad around.

With Sharon's words ringing in his ears, Phil returns Ruby's cash in tomorrow's visit to Walford, along with a harsh reality check.

But Ruby isn't deterred and sets about finding a new plan to show everyone what sort of man Ross is.

As she plans to lure him back to the Square, things start to get seriously messy by Thursday this week as she puts her idea into action. But will she succeed without Phil's help?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.