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This EastEnders legend returns tonight in the soap’s 6,000th episode!

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Dot's back... and she's brought someone with her!

EastEnders legend Dot Cotton will make a surprise return to Albert Square tonight as the soap broadcasts its 6,000th episode.

While 92-year-old June Brown didn’t appear in the soap’s first ever episode, she did turn up as Dot fairly early on, popping up in episode 40 back in 1985.

Now after a short break, she’ll make a welcome return this evening as Dot, who’s brought a companion – her granddaughter Kirsty "Dotty" Cotton, who previously seemed to have inherited some of the character traits of her dad, “Nasty” Nick Cotton!

Dot’s granddaughter Dotty was originally played by actress Molly Conlin, but just like Ben Mitchell the character has now been recast and tonight viewers will get their first glimpse of former CBBC star Milly Zero, 20, as Dotty.

Dot Branning and Dotty Cotton return in EastEnders

Dot Branning returns to the Square with granddaughter Dotty Cotton.

Dot will be seen eagerly sharing news with the family about what Dotty’s been up to and it seems Dotty is planning to stay in Walford...

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But EastEnders has been packed with tragedy during its 6,000 episodes and their could be a fresh one on the cards tonight as Bex Fowler hits a new low.

Lisa Fowler and Bex Fowler in EastEnders

Lisa tries to to talk to Bex tonight (Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Her mum Sonia Fowler arranges a surprise farewell party for Bex on her last night before she heads to Oxford.

In the Vic, Bex does her best to smile and talk to everyone, but inside she’s in bits. Lisa Fowler remains really worried about Bex’s state of mind, but she insists she’s feeling ok.

However, once Bex is back in the house all alone, she thinks about taking her own life. And the next day Sonia is horrified by what she finds… has Bex committed suicide?

Meanwhile, Jean Slater helps her pal Daniel out with his bucket list, while Linda Carter tries to get in with the school mums.

EastEnders is on BBC1 tonight at the slightly later time of 8.30pm.