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EastEnders legend to drop shock BOMBSHELL after returning to Walford

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There is drama heading to EastEnders tonight when Kathy Beale makes a startling confession to son Ian...

EastEnders fans rejoiced last night when Katy Beale made her return to Walford after being away, but it seems she is back with a bombshell that will leave son Ian Beale shocked.

Last night saw Kathy and Masood go on a romantic date, where Kathy announced to Masood that she would like them to have another go at their relationship.

But this isn't some drop in the pan fling, Kathy means business and wants to have a serious relationship with her ex.

Masood couldn't believe his luck and felt like the cat who had got the cream... but will everyone else be as happy for the couple as they are for themselves?

Ian, Kathy and Masood in EastEnders

Ian is shocked when Kathy and Masood announce they're back together

One person who is bound to find the news tough is Kathy's son, Ian.

Ian wasn't Masood and Kathy's biggest fan last time they got together, so how will he react this time around?

These new pictures, released by the BBC today, show Kathy and Masood going public with their relationship in tonight's trip to Walford.

But when his mum drops the bombshell that she is in a serious relationship just moments after stepping back onto the Square, how will Ian feel?

Ian, Kathy and Masood in EastEnders

Ian doesn't look best pleased...

Will he be pleased for his mum and his former frenemy and business partner, or is he going to do his best to sabotage their relationship?

With his own romance with Jean Slater now dead in the water, it's not like Ian has got his own relationship to take his mind off things.

And with the fact that son Bobby's release from prison is now imminent after being banged up for killing sister Lucy Beale, Ian's head certainly isn't where it should be.

Could Kathy and Ian's mother/son relationship be on the rocks once again?

Watch the drama unfold tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC and BBC / Jack Barnes