EastEnders reveals a HEARTBREAKING secret tonight!

The Albert Square sign on the set of EastEnders
EastEnders reveals a heartbreaking secret (Image credit: BBC)

*This article contains spoilers for tonight's (Wednesday, July 3) episode of EastEnders on BBC iPlayer and is yet to air on TV*

EastEnders reveals a heartbreaking secret in tonight's double episode when Harvey finally discovers what brought Maya to Walford.

And he's DEVASTATED by what his new friend tells him!

Harvey has planned a date night with Jean when Maya messages and asks to see him. He immediately lies about where he's off to, and heads off to meet his new chum. 

Maya Houssain sitting across a table from Harvey Monroe in Walford East restaurant

Harvey lent Maya money (Image credit: BBC)

Maya announces she wants to pay him back the money he loaned her, and takes him to the cashpoint. 

"I want to put things right," she tells him.

But she breaks down in tears telling him she's going to sell her flat and doesn't know where she will live.

As Harvey comforts Maya, Freddie spots them together and wanders off home to fill Jean in. He tells her Maya seemed stressed and was "bad vibes" and Jean agrees. But after a chat she decides there's "nothing dodge" going on. Is she right, though?!

Meanwhile Harvey and Maya are doing some chatting of their own, as Maya admits her one-bedroom flat in the wrong bit of the East End isn't worth much, and Harvey ffers to cough up more money to help her out of her financial hole.

But when Maya leaves, she drops a letter - addressed to her at a house in Battersea, miles away from where she said she lived.

Harvey scares Maya's traumatised husband

Maya's husband Abdul has been traumatised by the attack  (Image credit: BBC)

Confused Harvey heads off to South West London, and lets himself into Maya's house after he hears a glass smash and gets worried. And that's when he comes face to face with a frightened man.

It turns out this is Maya's husband, Abdul.

The husband Maya said was dead!

Maya appears and a cross Harvey points out that she's been lying to him about her circumstances.

"You must think I'm a right mug," he says.

But that's only the beginning.

Maya confesses to Harvey

Maya's got something to say (Image credit: BBC)

When Harvey accuses Maya of lying, she throws the accusation right back at him. He's confused until she reveals that her husband Abdul was the man Harvey's son Aaron beat and left for dead.

She tells him she had to give up work to care for Abdul who was left with terrible injuries, blind in one eye, and struggling with his mental health. Now she can't pay the mortgage and their house is going to be repossessed. 

She says that if Aaron had been convicted perhaps Abdul would have felt safe, maybe even recovered. And she tells Harvey she tracked him down because she needs money.

EastEnders viewers will remember that Harvey gave Aaron an alibi for that attack and he wasn't charged with the crime. 

"You saw to it that he never faced the consequences of his actions," Maya says, adding that if Aaron isn't accountable, then Harvey has to be.

Maya tells Harvey the truth

Maya tells Harvey how hard her life has become (Image credit: BBC)

But later Maya admits that she thought taking Harvey's money would be easier. And she can't do it because he is kind and gentle. She tells him to go home to Jean, and Harvey does.

When he's on his own, though, he breaks down in guilty tears. What will Harvey do now?

Harvey breaks down

Guilty about his own actions, Harvey breaks down (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders airs tonight at 7pm and 7:30pm on BBC Two. Check our TV Guide for more information.

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