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EastEnders' Sharon Mitchell is 'too good for Phil' says actress Kellie Bright!

Linda Carter talks to Mick Carter in EastEnders

Kellie Bright says her happily-married character Linda Carter doesn't understand the Mitchells' relationship

EastEnders Linda Carter and Sharon Mitchell have had a rocky relationship but at the moment, the best friends are on track and there for each other no matter what.

Though they're both similarly steely matriarchs, capable of weathering the worst of Walford's storms, when it comes to love Linda is lucky and Sharon… less so.

Linda Carter talks to Sharon Mitchell

Best mates Sharon Mitchell and Linda Carter confide in each other (Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Now, with Phil Mitchell having done a u-turn on his decision to rekindle with grieving mum Sharon following her marriage-shattering affair with Keanu Taylor, Linda is seething on her broken best friend's behalf.

In a recent interview, actress Kellie Bright who plays the Carter landlady, has said her alter ego doesn't know what Sharon sees in Phil anyway.

"Linda will never understand Sharon’s feelings for Phil because she thinks Sharon is too good for him," said Kellie. "As much as [recovering alcoholic] Linda wants Phil to be her sponsor as a husband, she’s not impressed! She wants the best for her friend and she doesn’t see Phil as that."

Linda is so disgusted that Phil has turned his back on Sharon – who's decided she will raise her Taylor lovechild, Kayden – that she now doesn't want her husband Mick to sell the Vic to him!

However, Kellie thinks there's more to Linda's refusal than meets the eye: "I think selling up could be quite hard on them actually, I don’t think Linda will know what her role is.

"I imagine Mick will kind of take charge in terms of things at home and with Ollie because Linda is not a domestic goddess! She’s a good mum, but she’s not a homemaker, she’s never been a cook, she’s not that type of woman. She’s a landlady.

"I just think that she will really flounder and feel a bit lost. And I think that could have an impact on her relationship with Mick, she will feel like she hasn’t got any control. I fear that it could be quite tough on them."

There is tension between Phil and Sharon in EastEnders.

Phil Mitchell has backtracked on his decision to reunite with his grieving wife Sharon who's decided to raise her lovechild Kayden Taylor

EastEnders continues on BBC1.