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EastEnders star Kellie Bright: Linda feels 'disgusted' when she kisses Stuart Highway!

EastEnders Linda Carter with Stuart Highway
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Kellie Bright reveals all about the dramatic Linda and Stuart scenes

EastEnders’ Linda Carter’s plan to lure Stuart Highway into confessing he framed her husband Mick for shooting him comes to a head in the soap on Thursday 13th December.

With Linda having shunned her husband Mick, and her family, in a bid to expose Stuart’s lies, this crucial week in EastEnders sees the Vic landlady kiss thuggish Stuart – and more…

Ahead of the special "two-hander" episode between Linda and Stuart, actress Kellie Bright, who plays the plucky Carter, chatted about the storyline during a break in filming at Elstree Studios.

“Linda kisses Stuart in the build up to the two-hander and then runs out of the room,” explained the actress, of Monday 10th December’s episode.

“She’s disgusted with what she’s done but she’s also so annoyed with herself for not being able to just do it. She’s put all this work in can’t just let it go now,” continued Kellie.

EastEnders Linda Carter with Stuart Highway

Linda lets Stuart wear Mick's Santa costume

But what exactly is Linda planning to do next?

“There is a plan and it doesn’t just involve her hearing Stuart confessing,” teased Kellie. “It’s more involved than that. Everything is driven by the fact it is going to free Mick – and that’s it.”

The storyline which has torn the close-knit Carter family apart has created a lot of talk among viewers. As far as Kellie’s concerned her character has suffered almost as much as her banged-up husband Mick!

Tensions build for Mick Carter

Stuart framed Mick Carter

“As much as Mick has gone through something traumatic in prison, I feel like Linda’s mirrored that on the outside.”

How will the scenes play out?

Watch EastEnders on BBC1 from Monday 10 December to find out.