EastEnders viewers demand return from the DEAD for Sam Mitchell showdown!

EastEnders Sam Mitchell has a meeting with Sharon Watts
Is there another coupler of blondes waiting in the wings? (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders' Sam Mitchell’s return to Albert Square this week has been a big hit.

However, viewers have revealed they have one dream which would take it to the next level.

Often, soap returns can be a tricky business. Sometimes characters don’t fit into the current set up of the show, or the stories they’re given don’t live up to their past glories.

This current return of Sam was controversial from the outset. 

Kim Medcalf, who played the role from 2002–2005, was brought back to reprise the role over Danniella Westbrook.

EastEnders Sam and Ricky cuddle

Danniella played Sam for over a decade. (Image credit: BBC)

Danniella originated the Sam when joined EastEnders aged just 16 in 1990, playing the role for several years. She then reprised Sam three times between 2009 and 2016.

However, the return of Kim's Sam this week has been lapped up by viewers. Her bitchy scenes with Kat and Sharon particularly have gone down a storm.

Sam Mitchell, Kat Slater and Sharon Watts meet Jonah

These girls aren't sassy enough for viewers (Image credit: BBC)

Viewers still think there is one thing missing. Or more accurately two things.

Fans have been posting that the showdown they really want to see is one between Sam and her cousins Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell.

On posted that Sam, Ronnie and Roxy scenes would be "soooo iconic". While another agreed. “We just need to bring Ronnie and Roxy back and all will be right in the world.”

Ronnie Mitchell Roxy Mitchell

The Mitchell sisters drove fans wild (Image credit: BBC)

Any interaction between the trio would certainly be fiery. However, there is one problem – the fact that the Mitchell Sisters are dead!

But viewers won’t let even that stand in their way.

“Show us why R&R went into hiding all those years ago,” suggested one. While another said, “I don’t care what ridiculous storyline has to be put in place for Ronnie and Roxy’s return but get it down NOW!”

Twitter post eastenders

(Image credit: Twitter)

Ronnie and Roxy drowned in a swimming pill on New Year’s Day 2017, just after Ronnie married Jack Branning.

The Square mourned the sisters, and we even saw Ronnie’s corpse on the slab as Jack visited her body.

So, any tale EastEnders come up with to bring them back to Walford would be really worth seeing!

But let’s face it, we’ve had crazier things happen in soap...

EastEnders normally screens at 7.30pm Monday to Thursday on BBC One.


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