Emmerdale fans appalled as Charity defends Noah’s sick stalking behaviour

Emmerdale Charity Dingle screams at Noah
Emmerdale watchers were horrified by Charity Dingle defending Noah's vile stalking of Chloe. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale viewers were disgusted during last night’s episode (Tuesday, May 10) after Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) defended Noah’s (Jack Downham) vile stalking of Chloe (Jessie Elland). 

Over recent Emmerdale episodes, Noah’s obsession with ex Chloe has escalated and his spying game reached sinister levels, with Noah tracking Chloe’s phone and using a drone to follow her whereabouts without her knowledge.

Meanwhile, he also broke into her home, stole her journal and planted a camera in her room so that he could listen in on her private conversations.

Last night’s episode saw Chloe still reeling from discovering Noah’s stalking after finding an album of images and videos he had secretly taken of her on his laptop.

Desperate to get help, she took Noah’s laptop as evidence, but as she attempted to leave the house, a concerned Noah stopped her and questioned what was wrong.

However, he soon suspected what was going on when a panicked Chloe dropped his laptop that she had tried to hide.

She confronted Noah about the photos and videos of her, but as she tried to flee, Noah stopped her from leaving by blocking her in with his arm.


Noah refused to let Chloe leave after she exposed his twisted stalking habits. (Image credit: ITV)

Noah was adamant that he wouldn’t let her go until she heard what he had to say and Chloe was terrified as she tried to escape.

“You’re going nowhere until you’ve calmed down,” Noah demanded.

But, as she tried to scream, Noah attacked her by covering her mouth and attempted to keep her hostage. 

Noah Dingle tries to cover Chloe's mouth as they scuffle on the floor

Noah attacked a terrified Chloe. (Image credit: ITV)

As the pair struggled, Noah’s mum, Charity, walked in on the horrific scene and screamed at Noah to let her go.

Charity was stunned to hear what creepy Noah had been doing and a traumatised Chloe bolted off to tell Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) about what happened before Charity went to find Chloe to try and speak with her.

Charity begged Chloe to not tell Kerry about the incident and pleaded with her to stay and sort it out, to which Chloe refused.


Charity was desperate to defend her son. (Image credit: ITV)

“Just wait, please, we just… we just need to get this sorted,” Charity begged.

Chloe ran off and was relieved to find Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) and Kerry at the cafe, but Charity was following close behind.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” Chloe cried. 

Charity continued to beg Chloe to talk in private and it wasn’t long before Charity was trying to justify her son’s actions.

“He’s not a monster, okay?” Charity said after Chloe had told them what Noah had done.

“What? Cos he’s your kid?” Kerry questioned.

“He’s a kid, full-stop. He’s just an immature, mixed up, stupid teenage idiot,” Charity retorted.

Al was quick to point out that Noah’s an adult and Kerry said they will have to report it to the police, but Charity was determined to defend him.

“No. Listen to me, okay? I’m his mum, yeah, he’s my responsibility, let me talk to him. He’s at home now bricking it. Please, I will deal with this. I swear to you,” she pleaded once again.

Fans on social media were outraged by Charity defending Noah’s sick and twisted behaviour… 

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Emmerdale continues tonight at 7:30pm on ITV.

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