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Emmerdale fans BAFFLED as THIS bizarre discovery is made in the village


There's been a serious case of fly-tipping in the village...

Last night's Emmerdale saw fans taking to social media to point out an unlikely moment between Sam Dingle and Billy Fletcher.

While the main focus of last night's episode was Marlon Dingle discovering his daughter, April, was being bullied at school thanks to his stint in prison after being falsely accused of murder, fans were also taken with the discovery Sam Dingle had made.

Sam and his radiator in Emmerdale ITV

Emmerdale fans were baffled to see Sam walking through the village carrying a radiator (Picture: ITV)

Fans were baffled to see Sam wandering through the village crying a huge radiator... apparently after finding it in a field.

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He was heading to the scrap yard where Billy has been helping out while Aaron Dingle is away... and had high hopes that his findings were about to make him some money.

Sam asked Billy to test the radiator with a magnet, wondering if it could be made of copper piping, and therefore worth some cash.

Sam and his radiator in Emmerdale ITV

Sam and Billy did the magnet test to see if the metal was worth anything (Picture: ITV)

However, sadly for Sam he wasn't about to make a fortune because the magnet stuck, meaning it was made of regular metal and he would only get money for scrapping it.

But fans were left wondering who would fly-tip around Emmerdale, and where the radiator could have come from...

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But while fans tried to work out the great radiator mystery, there was trouble heading for the Dingles when Rhona dropped the bombshell on Marlon that Charity and Ryan were the ones who stole Kim's money from Graham on the day he died.

Marlon feels guilty in Emmerdale

Marlon was horrified to discover April has been bullied at school (Picture: ITV)

Marlon was devastated to discover that members of his own family had been sitting on evidence that could have proved his innocence... and the Dingles will soon find themselves torn apart when Marlon makes Charity confess her crimes this week.

Is this the final straw for an already fragile Marlon?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.