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Emmerdale fans baffled by THIS police BLUNDER in last night’s episode


Fans are fuming that the police in Emmerdale have arrested the wrong man for Graham's murder...

Emmerdale aired the latest shock twist in Graham Foster's murder last night as poor Marlon Dingle was arrested for the killing. But fans have spotted a glaring mistake in the police enquiries...

It didn't take long for Graham's body to be found in yesterday's episode, and shortly after Priya and Billy made the grim discovery, news started to spread about Graham's demise.

Marlon arrested for Graham's murder in Emmerdale ITV

Graham's body was found by Priya and Billy last night (Picture: ITV)

The police didn't waste any time getting to the crime scene and starting their enquiries, but as they went to tell Rhona the devastating news that Graham was dead, they also used the opportunity to grill Marlon about his whereabouts the night before.

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The police were basing their questions on the fact Priya mentioned that she saw Marlon and Graham arguing the previous day over Leo and April's temporary disappearance.

But fans know that the real killer is Rhona's ex husband, Pierce Harris.

Marlon arrested for Graham's murder in Emmerdale ITV

Marlon was speechless when the police came to arrest him (Picture: ITV)

But despite the police - and everyone in the village - being oblivious to the fact Pierce is even back, fans have pointed out that surely Pierce's DNA is all over Graham's body...

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Fans will know that Pierce and Graham had more than one fight the night Mr Foster died, and so surely a quick swab of Graham's body would show who really killed him.

But by the end of the episode last night, Marlon found himself being arrested for murder and carted away in a police car.

Marlon arrested for Graham's murder in Emmerdale ITV

Marlon has been accused of Graham's murder, but viewers know Pierce is the guilty one (Picture: ITV)

As the police tried to cuff a stunned Marlon, Rhona and Cain watched in disbelief... along with Kim Tate, who currently believes Al Chapman killed Graham on her orders.

But will the police start their forensic testing before Marlon gets too familiar with the inside of a prison cell?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.