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Emmerdale fans BAFFLED by THIS surprise storyline twist last night


Nate knows about Belle and Jamie's affair...

Last night's Emmerdale left fans confused after Belle Dingle confessed her affair with Jamie Tate to nephew Nate Robinson.

Emmerdale fans have watched Jamie and Belle go from lustful looks across the vets to a full-blown affair over recent months, and last night saw Belle end things with boyfriend Ellis as the guilt got too much.

Belle/Jamie/Nate Emmerdale ITV

Belle ended things with Ellis last night (Picture: ITV)

But while many Emmerdale fans felt sorry for poor Ellis, who had been nothing but the perfect boyfriend to Belle, others were left baffled when Nate got involved in the storyline.

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Not only was it odd that Nate would get involved because he and Belle haven't had huge amounts to do with one another, but also Nate is hardly the most upstanding resident in the village after his affair with Moira broke up her marriage with Cain.

Belle/Jamie/Nate ITV

Ellis was heartbroken when Belle dumped him (Picture: ITV)

But clearly Nate knows the signs to look for when someone is playing away, because it didn't take long for him to work out that Jamie was the reason Belle ended things with Ellis.

Later Jamie discovered that Belle had dumped Ellis and started to have a go at her, worried that she was about to blow their cover.

Belle/Jamie/Nate ITV

Nate stepped in to protect Belle (Picture: ITV)

But Nate overheard their argument in the street and waded in.

He was soon threatening Jamie, and despite the vet pretending that they were arguing about Belle being sacked, Belle soon confessed her feeling for her former colleague once Jamie had left.

Belle/Jamie/Nate Emmerdale ITV

Nate was there to listen when Belle needed a shoulder to cry on (Picture: ITV)

But Emmerdale fans were confused why Belle would confess her love for Jamie to Nate...

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After Nate offered some words of wisdom to Belle, he was later seen cornering Jamie at the vets, ordering him to leave Belle alone.

But while they were having what they thought was a private conversation, little did they know Jamie's wife, Andrea, was watching their argument from outside in the dark.

Jamie and Nate ITV

Nate warned Jamie away from Belle (Picture: ITV)

With Nate now in the know, and Andrea wise to something going on, how long will it be before the truth about Jamie and Belle is out in the open?

Emmerdale’s scheduling pattern has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and now airs three episodes a week on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.