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Emmerdale fans FUMING at THIS character after shock twist


Emmerdale fans aren't happy with Tracy Metcalfe...

Last night's Emmerdale saw Tracy Metcalfe discover her sister Vanessa Woodfield has got stage three cancer... but fans aren't happy with how she is dealing with the shocking news.

Emmerdale fans have watched Vanessa struggling to get her head around the fact she has got bowel cancer, and at first she didn't tell a soul about her diagnosis.

Charity. Vanessa and Tracy in Emmerdale ITV

Tracy was stunned when Charity revealed the truth about Vanessa last night (Picture: ITV)

But thankfully she has opened up to Charity about what is happening, meaning she has finally got someone looking out for her.

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However, Charity has been sworn to secrecy and isn't allowed to tell a soul about what Vanessa is going through... so even Tracy had been in the dark until last night.

But when an oblivious Tracy threw a surprise party for her sister's birthday, Charity was horrified, knowing Vanessa would hate every second of having to pretend everything was okay in front of her friends.

Charity. Vanessa and Tracy in Emmerdale ITV

Vanessa and Tracy had a heart-to-heart (Picture: ITV)

Charity took Tracy outside and begged her to get rid of her guests... and Tracy refused until Charity dropped the bombshell that Vanessa has cancer.

But while Vanessa might have been initially angry with Charity for spilling the beans, she and Tracy were soon sharing a heartfelt moment.

Charity. Vanessa and Tracy in Emmerdale ITV

Tracy suddenly turned on Charity, accusing her of not looking after Vanessa (Picture: ITV)

However, once they were back at the party, Tracy didn't hide the fact she clearly blamed Charity for not looking after her sister properly, and fans were left fuming as she tried to cause trouble between Vanessa and Charity...

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As this week continues, there is set to be more drama between Charity and Vanessa as Charity starts to feel sidelined by Vanessa and her sister.

Charity, Vanessa and Tracy in Emmerdale ITV

Charity was sidelined by Tracy, and fans weren't happy (Picture: ITV)

With Vanessa struggling to cope with her cancer, the last thing she needs is her family at war around her. Will the pair manage to keep the peace for Vanessa's sake?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.