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'Emmerdale' fans STUNNED as Meena Jutla's murder victim is revealed in ITV Hub episodes

Emmerdale villain Meena Jutla is set to murder villager
Meena's victim has been revealed at last. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans can now watch this week's episodes on ITV Hub - meaning the identity of Meena Jutla's victim has finally been revealed. 

Because of Euro 2020 soaps have been added to ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer to keep fans up to date with their favourite shows despite the scheduling disruption. So, along with Coronation Street and EastEnders, this week's Emmerdale is now available to watch online.

Meena Jutla in Emmerdale

No one is safe in Emmerdale as Meena plots to kill this week.  (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale murder on the cards  

It's no secret that Emmerdale villain Meena is set to kill one of the village residents this week, meaning fans can't wait to binge-watch the episodes online to find out who her unsuspecting victim is.

Over the last few weeks, we have seen Meena desperate to get her claws into boyfriend David, only to have her nose put out of joint by Jacob's return to the village. 

Unhappy about having to battle it out for David's attention, Meena will hatch a plan tonight (Monday 5th July) to get Jacob out of her way by offering to pay for his airfare to go traveling with Leanna.

Jacob Gallagher and Leanna Cavanagh

Should Jacob and Leanna be sleeping with one eye open?  (Image credit: ITV)

However, one villager is set to get in Meena's way of living happily ever after with David, and she will make sure they don't ruin her fairytale dreams by viciously bumping them off.

Fans have taken to social media to share their shock at who dies after taking a sneaky peek at the online episodes... 

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While it might now be online who Meena kills, we won't ruin the surprise for you here — you'll just have to watch online and find out as the drama unfolds on screen!

Emmerdale scheduling has been subject to change due to Euro 2020 matches - see our TV Guide for the latest listings. This week's Emmerdale are now on ITV Hub for you to stream.