Emmerdale fans predict a baby shock for Charity – but not the one we were expecting!

Emmerdale Charity
Could Emmerdale Charity be in for the mother of all shocks? (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans were intrigued to see Charity Dingle receive a phone call at the end of Wednesday's episode which left her stunned.

As the credits rolled, viewers were desperate to know who had called Charity – and what they had told her.

The shock cliffhanger brought Charity's world crashing down. 

Of course, with a huge juicy secret currently hanging in the air – the fact that Charity's fiancé Mack is the father of Chloe's unborn baby – many viewers reckoned that Charity had finally discovered the truth.

However, others thought that the call was about something else altogether – but they still reckoned that Charity had received the mother of all shocks!


Is Mack's secret out? (Image credit: ITV)

With Charity having been helping out pregnant Chloe, as the episode got underway, it seemed the scene was being set for the baby secret to finally be revealed.

We saw Charity offer Chloe work looking after the pub's social media, then help Chloe construct a mobile for her unborn baby's cot. In fact, the two women had never been getting on better.

So, when the phone call – which shocked Charity so much that she dropped the phone – arrived, it seemed the time could be ripe for Chloe and Mack's betrayal to be revealed.

Charity and Chloe

Charity and Chloe have been getting on well. (Image credit: ITV)

However, viewers reckoned the show wasn't about to do the obvious thing. 

They still thought a baby shock was on the cards, but the twist would be that Charity had just received a call telling her that she too was pregnant.

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Of course, a pregnancy for Charity would bring big drama.

It was after an argument between Charity and Mack over having a child of their own that a disgruntled Mack slept with Chloe.

Back then, Charity didn't want another baby. So how will she feel now about the prospect?

But that wasn't the only theory viewers had.

While some were still sure that the call was about Mack's secret, others had more outlandish ideas – many thinking the call was about Zoe's one-time sister-in-law, Zoe, who has recently been mentioned with regard to the trust fund she set up for Charity's son, Noah.

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Who's on the end of the line? (Image credit: ITV)

So, what is the cause of Charity's distress? All will be revealed as this week's episodes continue.

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