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Emmerdale fans predict SHOCK new TWIST in Graham’s murder that would have everyone fuming

Graham is murdered in Emmerdale

Last night's Emmerdale saw Jai Sharma in the frame for Graham Foster's murder... but is all as it seems?

Emmerdale's huge whodunnit week continued last night, this time with Jai Sharma left with blood on his hands by the end of the episode... but fans are convinced there is a huge twist to come as Graham Foster meets his grisly end.

So far we have seen Al Chapman supposedly bump off Graham on Kim Tate's orders after she found out her former flame had double crossed her.

Jai is going to make Graham pay in Emmerdale

Graham discovered Jai was back on drugs last night (Picture: ITV)

And now with a drug-fuelled Jai also in the frame, the plot is thickening by the day.

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Tonight (Wednesday 22nd January) will see Charity caught up in drama potentially leading to Graham's demise, but as fans try and work out who actually kills Graham, they're becoming more and more convinced that none of the suspects lined up by Emmerdale are actually guilty...

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According to fans other suspects could include Graham's girlfriend Rhona Goskirk, Joe Tate, Vanessa Woodfield or even Pierce Harris, the former abusive husband of Rhona who fans are convinced Graham beat up after getting a mysterious voicemail last week.

But tonight's focus was very much on Jai as the Hawkford Outdoor Pursuits centre opened it's doors and seemed to be a flop.

Jai goes in search of drugs in Emmerdale

A drug-fuelled Jai was out for revenge on Graham last night (Picture: ITV)

Jai was on edge the whole episode as he battled to make the opening day a success, but he managed to get through the event fuelled by his renewed love for cocaine.

However the fact former addict Jai was back on drugs soon became public knowledge when he crashed into Graham's car while driving under the influence and the pair came to blows.

Graham then told Laurel what Jai has been up to, and when Jai failed to come clean and be honest with his other half, Laurel promptly ended their romance, leaving Jai out for Graham's blood.

Does Jai kill Graham in Emmerdale? ITV

Jai returned home with blood on his hands before collapsing - but did he kill Graham? (Picture: ITV)

After a run in with Rishi over cocaine, Jai went out under the cover of darkness to find Graham, fuelled by drugs and out for revenge... before returning home with blood on his hands.

But was it Graham's blood, or someone else's entirely?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.